Client Success Story: How We Protected Westtek’s Brand

We are excited to share a remarkable success story with one of our esteemed clients, Westtek, a leader in cybersecurity and IT support services. Their commitment to excellence is well-known, and we are proud to have played a crucial role in safeguarding their brand.

Our Role in Westtek's Success

Trademark Registration:

The first step in our journey with Westtek was to secure their unique identity through trademark registration. This pivotal move ensured that their brand was legally protected from the outset.


Comprehensive Monitoring Service:

To continuously protect Westtek’s brand, we provided our comprehensive monitoring service. This proactive approach allowed us to keep a vigilant eye on any potential infringements, ensuring their brand integrity remained intact.


Flagging Infringements:

During our monitoring, we detected an infringement by another company attempting to misuse Westtek’s trademark. Swift action was taken to address this issue, highlighting the importance of our monitoring service.


Successful Takedown:

Our team acted quickly to have the infringement removed from the opposition’s website. This decisive action not only protected Westtek’s brand but also reinforced their market presence.


The Impact

This success story is a testament to the importance of proactive brand protection. Westtek can now continue to deliver exceptional services without the worry of unauthorised use of their trademark. Their brand integrity remains strong, and their market position secure.


Learn More

If you’ve noticed someone infringing on your brand or trademark and want to take action, contact us to see how our trademark services can help. Protecting your brand is our priority, just as it was for Westtek.


Learn more about Westtek and their services at Westtek.

Stay tuned for more client success stories and insights on how we can support your brand protection needs.

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