5 Tips For Building A Sales Strategy

So often, new companies struggle with building sales momentum despite having a great product or service. If you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for, the cause could be something as simple as a lack of strategy. 

Sales success isn’t random— it’s the product of well thought out strategies and momentum. In order to really do well, it’s necessary to have a process that you can repeat, measure and monitor over time.  

1) Who is your who?

Narrow it down. It’s impossible to do business with everyone and unlikely that your proposition is universally suitable. Define your target market and focus your efforts there. You have to start somewhere, but don’t narrow it down so much that you limit your success or are unable to learn from your efforts. Create a list to work from and record everything!

2) What is your how?

Now that you know your who, how will you reach out? Are you connected in anyway to the people or companies on your list or will you be cold calling? A combination approach is often best: explore your networks and determine whether someone you know could make an introduction and away you go. All you need is a connection to follow up from. 

After you’ve reached out to all your “friendlies”, reach out to the ones you aren’t connected to. Don’t be afraid to get creative here—reaching out could mean a number of things, from sending a postcard or letter to simply picking up the phone and calling. Make sure that if you aren’t speaking to someone you let them know you will be initiating further contact. 

3) Be efficient

Make sure you understand how to assess the needs of a potential client or customer. If you are able to quickly know what the prospect will need from a solution or product, then you will know whether your solution is a good fit. If it isn’t a good fit, then save your time. A good deal needs to work for everyone and if what you’re offering is not right, then it’s best to save your time.

4) Do what you say you will

Set out clear expectations about what you will do, follow through and develop a relationship. These relationships are crucially important and this will be where clients will come to you for other needs and refer you to the people they know. Don’t disappear upon payment.

5) Measure

Monitoring your efforts is so so important to your success. Do regular self checks: Am I generally pleased with my progress? What worked? What didn’t work? Did I achieve my goals?

Going through this process on a regular basis will enable you to catch inefficiencies early, tweak the process and build on your strengths. Oh! and don’t forget to celebrate the wins! You deserve it.


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