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Is International Trademark Registration right for you?

If you are trading internationally, your brand may be vulnerable.Trademark registrations are location specific and only protect your brand in the area(s) they are registered in. There is no single Worldwide Trademark Registration process, but our highly experienced team can help you ensure your brand is protected where ever you need it to be.

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There are two common ways to register your Trade Mark internationally:

Apply to the World Intellectual Property office for a trademark that includes all of the countries signed up to an agreement called the “Madrid Protocol.”

Apply to individual international trademark offices one by one.

The nature of your business will determine which option is better suited to your specific needs. Speak with one of our IP advisors today to receive expert guidance and support.

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“The customer service and efficiency provided by the staff at the Trademark Helpline is second to none. We have been kept up-to-date throughout the application process and have also been offered superb advice moving forward.”

Andy Murray, Lifestyle Fitness

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