Trials, Tips and Tales #9 - The Trademark Trigger

The Story


In my new digital marketing business, I quickly landed larger clients with decent budgets. One of these clients was about to launch a new website with a new brand when they received a letter from a company in Dorset claiming trademark infringement.


Initially, I had no idea what a trademark was and thought it was only for big companies. However, after research, I realised this company was trying to prevent a competitor from going live. The trademarks, in my opinion, weren't similar enough to warrant a rebrand. Yet, none of the solicitors I consulted knew how to handle UK trademark disputes.


So, What Are the Hints and Tips for This Tale?


Hint – Learn What Motivates You


Understanding UK Trademark Registration became crucial for my business. The ordeal with my client led me to delve deeply into trademark law. I realised that avoiding such issues from the start could save time and money. This motivated me to establish The Trademark Helpline, helping clients with trademark registration to protect their brands effectively.

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