Trials, Tips and Tales #7 - The Tale of an Unexpected Turn

The Story

You may or may not know that my background is in Financial Services, Sales, and Marketing. I am most well-known for my work in supporting financial adviser and legal claims businesses. People often wonder why I created The Trademark Helpline when I had no experience in trademark law. The answer is simple: I saw an opportunity.

To understand that opportunity, let's rewind back to 2016. At 26, I decided to set up my own business after successfully helping build a mortgage and insurance team from £5,000 to £150,000 of revenue per month. It was frighteningly easy, and I began to obsess over the future with a plan to get bigger, do less work, and make more money.

So, What Are the Hints and Tips for This Tale?

Hint – Learn What Motivates You

I initially thought going into business was about making money and giving myself a lifestyle. But The Trademark Helpline reminded me that I am a creative. Invention drives me. Seeing our unique approach to trademark registration become industry standards makes me proud. Helping small businesses avoid problems through UK Trademark Registration inspires me to grow and do more.

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