Trials, Tips and Tales #3 - Leveraging Existing Clients for UK Trademark Registration

The Story

We often apply our best processes and energies to acquiring new business, even though we know it costs a third of the price, if not less, to market to an existing client compared to attracting a new one. It’s bonkers.

As you probably already know, we have been around since 2009 and have registered thousands of UK trademarks. What you may not know is that trademarks only last for 10 years. Every month, we have clients eligible for renewal the following month, so we reach out to them about their UK Trademark Registration.


So, What Are the Hints and Tips for This Tale?


Hint – Don’t Overlook Existing Clients

Marketing UK Trademark Registration to existing clients is significantly cheaper and often more effective than targeting new ones. Regularly reach out to your current clients, especially for recurring needs like trademark renewals. Consistent communication strengthens client relationships and ensures ongoing business.

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