Trials, Tips and Tales #1 - The Power of Persistence in Marketing

The Story

This month, I’m going to share something we did in February that quadrupled our enquiry level for UK Trademark Registration. It's so simple and obvious, I’m actually annoyed we weren’t already doing it sooner.

We knew we should have been doing it and thought we were, but it turns out we weren’t. Now that we are, we want to share it so you don’t have to wait as long as we did to take action.

One phrase I use a lot (much to the annoyance of my colleagues) is that marketing is a process and not an event. Think about a marketing event such as a seminar or networking meeting. While it is an event, the reality is that business doesn’t usually take place in that room on that day. We all know that it’s the follow-up that decides whether an opportunity will become business.

So, What Are the Hints and Tips for This Tale?

Hint – Be Consistent with Outreach

It doesn’t matter if it’s a prospect or an existing client. If you are doing outreach for UK Trademark Registration, you need to be consistent. One attempt is not enough. There must be a follow-up process, which can easily be automated. Little and often. Less is more as long as it’s consistent.

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