Would you be confused between these two oat milk brands?

Swedish oat milk brand, Oatly, have filed a claim against drink supplier Glebe Farm Foods, claiming that their PureOaty brand infringes on its Oatley and Oat-ly! Trademarks.

The court documents state that Oatly “seek an injunction to restrain the defendant from infringing any of the claimants’ registered trademarks and the passing off of the defendant’s goods as or for the goods of the claimants”.

Glebe Farm Foods joint MD Philip Rayner says the firm were surprised by Oatly actions and that it would be contested.

“Although Oatly are much bigger than us, we do not believe we have done anything wrong,” he added. “And aside from fighting their claim as it is, there are deeper principles at play here for us as a family farming business in wanting to challenge back.”

This news follows Oatly’s market debut last month, which saw the firm’s share price rocket to $26.99 per share!

Look at the two for yourself, do you think the two brands are confusingly similar?

 Oatly versus Pure Oaty, trademark comparsion

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