The Importance of Trademark Protection – Lessons from Nike vs BAPE

In the dynamic world of fashion, trademark protection is a cornerstone for safeguarding brand identity and ensuring long-term business success. A recent example that underscores this importance is the trademark infringement lawsuit between Nike and Japanese fashion brand A Bathing Ape® (BAPE). The Case Overview Nike filed a trademark infringement suit against BAPE in early 2023, accusing the brand […]

Reflecting on House of Zana’s Trademark Victory Over Zara

In 2022, the fashion world witnessed a David vs. Goliath scenario as Amber Kotrri, owner of the small Darlington-based boutique House of Zana, triumphed over fashion giant Zara in a trademark dispute. Zara argued that House of Zana’s name bore “high degree of visual and aural similarities” to their brand, potentially causing customer confusion. However, […]

Bacardi Scores Legal Victory in Long-Running HAVANA CLUB Trademark Dispute

In a significant development for Bacardi, the US Court of Appeals has revived the company’s long-standing trademark battle over the HAVANA CLUB brand. This decision marks a pivotal moment in Bacardi’s ongoing dispute with the Cuban government and the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). On June 13th, the US Court of Appeals ruled that […]

Harley-Davidson vs. Next: High Court Showdown!

In a dramatic turn of events, iconic motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has taken British retailer Next to the High Court, demanding the destruction of T-shirts they claim are “copycats” of their iconic logo. The dispute centres around designs featuring biker angel wings and flames, which Harley-Davidson argues could confuse consumers. This legal battle comes on the […]

Nike Triumphs in Legal Battle Over Stripes in Germany

Victory for Nike in Germany, as the court has given the green light for the brand to feature three stripes on some of its trouser designs. The Legal Clash with Adidas This ruling marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing legal tussle between Nike and its German rival, Adidas had previously filed a trademark infringement […]

Indian Restaurant Chain Dishoom Challenges Trademark Held by London Businessman

In a legal clash that brings together history, culture, and commerce, the popular Indian restaurant chain Dishoom finds itself embroiled in a trademark dispute over the term ‘Ruby Murray.’ This term, steeped in 1960s cockney rhyming slang and inspired by 1950s singer Ruby Murray, has become synonymous with curry, particularly Dishoom’s famous chicken curry. In […]

Oatly’s trademark mission continues…

Oatly are at it again! Within weeks of losing their High Court trademark battle against fellow oat milk producer Glebe Farm Foods, Oatly have started another trademark battle. The Times have reported that Oatly are taking on Nottingham-based Skinny Food Co over their use of the term ‘barista’ on its syrups and non-dairy creamers ‘Skinny […]

Red Bull challenge gin maker Bullards

A small Norwich based gin making business, founded in 1837, has become the target of energy drink super giant, Red Bull, over the use of the word ‘Bull’ in its name. Bullards have been told that there was a “likelihood of confusion on behalf of the public” as both brand names “include the term bull”. […]

Houston pop-up in hot water over SpongeBob theme

Viacom, the parent company of Nickelodeon, is suing Houston based pop-up restaurant claiming that it’s SpongeBob SquarePants theme in violation of multiple trademarks. Viacom claim that The Rusty Krab restaurant is blatant rip-off of the cartoons famous The Krusty Krab. The multiple trademarks include names, images, characters, and re-creations of details from the cartoon. Not […]

Manchester United to be renamed on Football Manager

Manchester United will be renamed on Football Manager games from FM22 onwards, following a trademark dispute with games giant Sega. The football club had argued that Sega and Sports Interactive infringed their trademark over the logo by not using the official Manchester United badge in the game, instead “replacing the club crest with a simplified […]

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