Trials, Tips and Tales #8 - The Impact of the Credit Crunch

The Story

In 2018, I agreed to merge my business with three other people, aiming for a significant earn-out. For those unfamiliar, an earn-out means you get paid based on the business's performance after selling. Unfortunately, six days after signing away my shares, the credit crunch hit. My £2 million pipeline, crucial for my earn-out, evaporated.

I found myself out of control of my business, with limited earnings and a lot of stress. Unable to support the people involved in the business and restricted from working for myself due to the sale's terms, I had to pivot. So, I decided to venture into digital marketing.

So, What Are the Hints and Tips for This Tale?

Hint – Be the Example – Act Like You’re Regulated Even if You’re Not

Specialising in complex financial services and legal transactions, I believe that acting like a regulated business, even if unregulated, offers no downside. This mindset is essential in managing client data, transparency, and structured pricing models. This approach has been pivotal for the success of The Trademark Helpline and its UK Trademark Registration services.

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