McGregor looses fight to trademark his name for clothing line.

Once again, a global star is being hindered by not being the first one to use their name as a brand.

Last week, Scottish Legal reported that:

'Conor McGregor has failed in a legal fight with a clothing firm over sportswear that bears his name. The 31-year-old MMA fighter applied to register his name as a trademark in order to sell clothing in Europe.

This was opposed, however, by the McGregor fashion label, founded by David Doniger almost 100 years ago and now owned by a Dutch company.

A member of Clan Gregor, Mr Doniger could trace his roots to the first kings of Scotland. He made his money as a maker of McGregor tartan caps, giving him enough to make the voyage to New York, where he started his firm in 1921.'

Ironically, these are probably Conor’s ancestors who are now thwarting his attempts to commercialise the name they share. Clearly, they aren’t afraid of being on the end of his trademark left hook!

Time will tell who will strike the knockout blow in this clash, but as the McGregor clan’s protection is in the EU/UK only perhaps there is scope for Conor in his adopted home of the US....

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