Client Case Study - Grandma's Kitchen

We love to hear the stories behind our clients business ideas, especially when that business was started during the unprecedented year of 2020.

This week we caught up with Marion, the culinary talent behind new business, Grandma's Kitchen. A Bolton based catering business that specialises in the most delicious cakes, treats and home cooking style dishes. We struggled to pick our favourite photos to share with you!

What is Grandma's Kitchen?

'I've always prided myself on homemade freshly cooked food. I get my meat delivered from my butchers so I know its quality produce. Everything I make is freshly done on the day. I've only so far offered a collection service but this hasn't stopped people travelling out of town or people local to me coming to my home. I've met some great people built some great relationships with people and this is really important to me. I gave my full-time job up February 2020 and it's been the best decision I've ever made even though it was the start of a pandemic. This business was pandemic born. If I can survive that I can make it work through anything.'

How did the idea come about?

'I've always been a type of feeder; everyone has eaten at my house at some point but when my youngest daughter left home, I thought who am I going to feed now? I like cooking for people There's no fun cooking just for yourself. My cousin said she wanted some lunch to take to work and that's how it actually started before I knew it I were making other people lunches too.'

What's the story behind the name?

'I started off as more of a food blogger, I've always enjoyed watching what other people make who followed my pages from different parts of the world. Me and my granddaughter would make pizza every Friday night and although at that time I didn't think of it growing into a business, I woke up one day googled when picking a brand name, cafe or food business pick a name people can relate too, I was a Grandma me and my Granddaughter cooked in my Kitchen so decided that everyone can relate to Grandmas Kitchen.'



How will trademark protection help you?

'I thought it was really important to protect my brand identity. I had put so much work into the business and now not far off opening a shop if I was going to trademark it needed to be now before I actually opened. I think it's made my brand more official. And also, if there is a similar brand name it is less confusing to people when they're trying to search for you.'

What would you advise other business owners?

'If trademarking something you're thinking about doing and getting it right from the get go I would say the sooner you do it the better.'

What's next for Grandma's Kitchen?

'I've worked from home up to now but will be moving into our new premises in the next few months.'



You can follow Grandma's kitchen through the following channels. Warning - it will make you hungry!

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