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Trademarking a logo

In order to trademark your logo, you need to apply to the Intellectual Property Office. If accepted, you gain exclusive rights over your logo, giving your company or brand the security it needs.

A logo is defined as a recognizable graphic element which is most commonly used to represent a product or company. It may be a design on its own or it may contain letters or numbers stylised in a certain way.

Once you trademark a logo, you have protection should anyone attempt to infringe upon your trademark or take your businesses identity for ransom. Not only does a registered trademark provide peace of mind, it also deters potential infringers. In short, trademarking a logo assures you that your brand identity is yours.

Why use us to trademark your logo?

The Trademark Helpline was founded in 2010 following an increase in UK and EU trademark infringements. We discovered that numerous organisations have an interest in trademarking their logo; however, many companies are unfamiliar with the world of intellectual property.

The Trademark Helpline provide independent advice to ensure that businesses understand their options in order to submit a comprehensive application. When it comes to registering your trademark logo, there are various limitations and classifications which need to be considered. With the expert support of our advisers, you will be guided through the process every step of the way.

What is required to trademark a logo?

Before proceeding with registration, it is essential to conduct a search to check that your trademark/logo is actually available. It is also important to consider whether your logo will be accepted; for example, if your logo bears resemblance to a flag or official sign, it is unlikely to be accepted. The Trademark Helpline are able to provide further advice on commonly rejected logos to ensure that you avoid making an application unlikely to be accepted.

Next is the application process which requires all of the details of your trademark/logo, and the classifications that you wish to cover. Once your application is completed, your trademark is in the hands of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). The whole procedure can take 3-4 months in the UK.